Through our Details of the District campaign, we plan to expand the vibrant sense of place throughout the downtown district as we:

• Brighten things up: We’ll add double and single street lamps for better lighting and historic charm.

• Be more welcoming: We’ll add benches and bike racks for comfortable and easy access to the entire district.

• Beautify, beautifully: We’ll add new flower baskets, more trash containers, brick details and new banners on the light poles to unify the district.

The goal: $600,000

We believe it is the details that make all the difference.

The Cedar Falls downtown district has always been defined geographically as a 29 block area:  bordered by the Cedar River on the north and east, west to Franklin Street, and south through the 600 block.

Visually, however, it’s a different story.

The small but crucial elements that help define that sense of place are only found along Main Street: historic streetlamps, welcoming benches, bike racks, bountiful flower baskets.

Wander a block or two away, and you’ll find a decidedly second-rate feel with little beautification, a lack of amenities and utilitarian streetlights.

The entire downtown district of Cedar Falls is thriving and growing, and we want to reflect that synergy.

This phased construction is a partnership between Community Main Street, the City of Cedar Falls and Cedar Falls Utilities.

Now it’s time to add your name to the story.

Join these donors today!

What’s your favorite moment downtown? Who would you like to honor? We’ve created giving opportunities at a variety of levels to give everyone the chance to put their name on downtown.

• Three year pledges are available

• All gifts are tax-deductible

Pledge Form or Donate here!
1) Send in your check to Community Main Street, 310 East 4th Street, Cedar Falls, IA
or 2) Donate online via PayPal

Want to double the impact of your gift? Join one of our matching gift challenges! 
Bike Tech customers are challenged to a $20,000 matching gift; Scratch Cupcakery is matching up to $5,000!
In the “Special Instructions to Seller” box, type in Bike Tech or Scratch.
These levels will receive public recognition by CMS: 
$5,000 - Double light pole with naming plaque
$3,200 - Single light pole with naming plaque
$2,100 - Bench with naming plaque- SOLD OUT
$1,500 - Beautification: brick details, trash can, banner and flower basket
$500 - Banner and flowers
Thank you! We appreciate your support!